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6teen Hentai Story: "Jennifer Morrison in Camping trip – Chapter 1"

Camping trip

is my 3rd fanfic,so please be nice!I`ll be posting again if I get 2
gonna play with the characters accent too much. Enjoy!

I don`t own anything in this fanfic…sobs…

you need to

are in italic.Oh,
and there will be some flashback in Bold.

2×5 3×4


bald-headed boy who wore a pair of sunglasses and red sweater.(Nigel
Numbuh 2:
a round boy, who wore a pilot`s helmet on his head.(Hoagie P.
Gilligan Jr)
:a girl with
long, black hair who wore a green sweater.(Kuki Sanban)
: a small,
blond boy who wore an orange hooded sweatshirt.(Wallabee
dark-skined girl who has a red cap, and wore a blue shirt with white
two white lines.(Abigail Lincoln)
blond-haired girl with stern face who wore an aqua-colored jumpsuit,
an orange sweatshirt.(Rachel T. McKenzie)

4 & 5`s nicknames are:(Wally
beatles) & (Abby Lincoln)

Kids Next Door

Created by:
Mr. Warburton




1:35 in the Lincoln`s household…

don`t wanna go to some stupid camp…”Numbuh 5 told her
“You are goin` no matter what, Abigail!” her dad
replied with a stern face.

“But daddy…”Numbuh 5
cried to her dad.
“No buts, Abby! Now go pack!” her dad
replie Continue reading

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